Smart Hydration.Peak Performance.

Health monitoring in your clothing. Track your hydration, body composition, heart rate, respiration rate and activity in real-time.

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Why stay hydrated?


Dehydration strains the heart, reducing your body's efficiency and endurance.

Cognitive Function

Dehydration slows the mind. It hinders memory, attention, and swift reactions.

Better Health

Dehydration is deadly. Beyond thirst, it triggers headaches, constipation, and urinary issues.

Today's Hydration Monitoring


Research shows most athletes start competition dehydrated
and fail to rehydrate during the game

Weight Monitoring

is retrospective and cannot be measured in real time


is expensive, inaccurate and inconvenient

Thirst Drive

is unreliable and is quenched before full hydration

The future of hydration monitoring


Predictive Wear's deep learning algorithm, HydraNet, predicts hydration status using the body's electrical resistance.

research verified

Superior Accuracy

Our hydration algorithms were tested toe-to-toe with the competition. *


accuracy in determining dehydration **

Urinalysis: 0% ***

Real Time

get your hydration status instantly


no more time consuming or inconvenient tests


Seamless Comfort

Feel the difference without seeing it. Our device melds effortlessly into your attire, ensuring day-long comfort.

Advanced Manufacturing

Knitted Technology

We seamlessly integrate sensors into textiles to provide a comfortable and unobtrusive way to monitor your health.

* based on a clinical study with data collected from 60 subjects

** accuracy was calculated by comparing the HydraNet and competing measurements to the gold standard

*** cutpoints for all measures were selected by the maximum Youden index